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Maze Mania

Game Description

Maze Mania is a special kind of game, created specially for touch devices. This is a game like you never played before. Give it a try and enjoy a whole a new experience with your friends!

A reckless multi-player game that you can play with your friends on the same device! Each player have a character who travels trough a maze, that's made by connected corridors. Every door closes and opens with your touches, changing the pathway in many directions. Guide your character to reach the goal before your enemies! But be careful, there are some items in the way that can help you and also kill you.

Customize Maze Mania

Remember that you can create your own skin. All you need to do is download this Skin Package and replace all the images that you want to change (and/or the sounds, music and animation files). And finally, send it to us via mail (info at and we will include your skin in future releases.




If you want to play Maze Mania but you can't buy it, please read the Funding section.

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