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Hello, thanks for your interest in our products.

Here at Moongate we are a small but passionate group of people.
We love what we do and we love to share it too!
We believe very strongly that the next human evolution is the capacity to work collaboratively, that the true power of the whole human race lies in collaboration and sharing.

We love what we do and we like to share it with everybody, without limitations, allowing anyone to keep making cool stuff from what we made.
That's one of the reasons why we love to collaborate with as many peoples as possible, sharing our work and experiences; that's why we love open source and we know that any work is only as big as its community.

For those reasons we would like to give all of our work for free, but sadly, we are humans and we need to eat (and also have good computers, homes, clothes, baths and take care of our families (and pets)).
Is not our objective to be make as much money as possible, at expenses of the user, our true objective is to give something to the community, to make a positive contribution to the whole world. Also, we are sure, that money only gets in the way of the creative process and decimates the true potential of any work. Our ideal is to make contributions that gives something important and new to the society, and not something that merely squeezes money from people without any meaningful impact. We don't want to just make something because it sells.
So we know the best way to really make an impact is to get money out of the equation.

To accomplish this, to be able to stay true to our values and our community, to work for a bigger good, we came up with several ways to allow you, the one that will enjoy the result of our hard work, to be able help us achieve this goal, as well as to be a part of all this, to make all this be something from the people to the people.

So, if you like what we do, and you share our vision of a better world, please take a look at this links and see how you can become a part of this process.

The Moongate Team.

Bitcoins: You can buy Promo Codes to get the product that you wish, using Bitcoins. The Promo Codes are limited.

Or donate at : 1NandeG2boRJEiLKdrQxJ2kioWewdSVguJ

Or help us, and we will help you.

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