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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back To The future! And the future is open!

Great news on Python for BlackBerry

We are sorry for the time without an update, (we are a very small team).
The reception of our app Python makes us really glad and thankful, and we always try our best to keep improving, though being a small team with several projects makes it really difficult.
We promised that every cent earned from the sales will go directly to development. This has and will always be true.
Also our project is based on open source (in which we really believe), and we want to give something back to the community (and we strongly believe in communities).

For those reasons we think it is the best to open source our app.
To respect the people that already bought it, and to allow for further development it will remain as a paid app.
But that is not a limit, all the code is open, so every cent invested by every buyer will return to the community.
Also, don't forget we have a way to help the people that doesn't have the money or the ways to acquire the app.
At any case, if you feel like improving something or help us out with anything, you can do it.
You can access the new FAQ here.
Keep an eye open for new updates!


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