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Monday, June 11, 2012

Banta 1.0

Hola, soy Leonardo, trabajo en Moongate como consultor, les dejo este release de Banta, es un proyecto al que le tengo fé, creo que se adapta bien a las necesidades de medianas y pequeñas empresas, denle una probadita y comenten sus experiencias.

English below

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Hello, i'm Leonardo, i work in Moongate as consultant, i give you this release of Banta, i believe in this project, i think it's adapted to necesities of small and medium enterprises, just try it and tell us your experiences.

- Bill list export
- Change product code
- Products sorting and filtering
- Clients sorting and filtering
- Easier to set client on the bill
- Export drafts by date. Exported data improved
- Fix bug on Reducible IVA override on bill creation
- Dot as decimal separator override
- Can print drafts to a normal printer
- Fixed translation on dialogs (system)
- Small speed on bill listing. Also changed the texts and order of colums
- Several other bugfixes in internal code, tools and improvements (ui)

- Added changelog ;)
- Bug on date for bills only saving the date not the time
- Bills are stored by date
- Bill listing and search improved dramatically (Thanks to Kosh @
- Bill list automatically shows current month
- Saving bill as draft
- Added provider support in products
- Improved system for database upgrade (updating banta while keeping the database)
- Added support for printer Hasar 441 (The most used now)
- Added support for barcode scanner
- Total sold in bill list. (Total and tax)

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