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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Maze Mania: Update v1.19

Full Description and Download


We have released a new update of our game for tablets, with a few tweaks. This time we intend to give a more intuitive, faster and easy use of the menu. We also wanted to improve the graphics just a little. And this way we are approaching the Beta stage of Maze Mania. Hurray!

Release Notes

UPDATE v1.19:

  • Getting ready to the Beta Stage, we've improved the feeling and ease of use of the game!
  • NEW!: Pause Menu
  • NEW!: Main Menu
  • NEW!: Custom Game
  • IMPROVEMENT: Graphics

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Poros v1.0

Game Description

Poros are small creatures, very competitive and like to test their skills. Thats why they compete each other in the Game Arena, a place where the best Poros fight face-to-face to see who is the most skilled.
The last standing Poro is the winner. The Poros must survive waves of laser cannons, machine guns and mines that appear randomly in the arena. Luckily a medic kit appears occasionally to restore health.

This game was made by one person for an university game jam with the topic "The movement is life. If I don't move, I die."


You'll need to download and decompress "Poros" in the folder you want. Then, open that folder and you're ready to play. Execute Poros.exe (with double-click ).


  • Omar Dante Costilla:  Game Design, Programming, Graphics
  • Ozzed ( Main Theme "I Like Jump Rope",  Game Music "Boktipset Från Helvetet" & "The Day Time Ran Away"

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ward: Update v1.0.5

Version v1.0.5

In this update, new features are added:
  • Jungler Timer
  • Multilanguage Support

Some fixes and better performance in:
  • Summoner Info
  • Champion Data

Ward is avaible in BlackBerry World for all Blackberry10 devices.
Download ward for free here.

Check for full details here.

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