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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Maze Mania: Update v1.25

Great News!

Maze Mania v1.25 is out and with huge changes and lots of new stuff!

We've worked hard to make the game more even interesting. One of the more important things that we did was to give more life to the characters and items. So we've added animations, music and sound effects to the game! Special Thanks to Eric Matyas (

We've also added a loading screen that will improve how you play the game. Finally, a beautiful intro scene was added, with social buttons to recommend Maze Mania to your friends!

But the biggest new is that a new mode is available: Survival!
Now you can not only play by yourself in a small device but also you can play in a cooperative mode with your friends. Survive trough 20+ levels collecting enough items to unlock the next wave. Each wave is more difficult than the previous!

At last (but not least) we're testing our new Skin System with the collaboration of Germán Salazar (GreatStudio) who did an amazing job, making an original skin for the game. He's still working on it, but you can change the game skin and try it anytime.
Also if you liked the new skin made by Germán, you can try to create your own. All you need to do is download this Skin Package and replace all the images that you want to change (and or the sound and music). And finally, send it to us via mail (info at and we will include your skin in future releases.

Remember: if you can't afford the game, read THIS POST to get the game.

Release Notes

Update v1.25:

  • NEW!: Survival Mode
  • NEW!: Wave Mode
  • NEW!: Auto-Doors mode
  • NEW!: Skin System
  • NEW!: Share
  • NEW!: Intro Scene
  • NEW!: Music added!
  • NEW!: Sound Effects added!
  • NEW!: Items and Characters animations
  • NEW!: Screen Transitions
  • NEW!: Loading Screen
  • IMPROVEMENT: Now the game is paused when it goes to background.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Now the Back Key is working (Android)
  • IMPROVEMENT: General buttons and Player resizes.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Huge game system polish and tweaks.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

For a limited time: Now you can get our apps too!

We want to offer 2 new options to access our products on sale for BlackBerry devices: Favors and Bitcoins.


You can colaborate with us in order to get a Promo Code to gain access for any of our products on sale from the BlackBerry World. You need to send us a mail to info arroba . For more information about this option, read the Funding section ( . The Promo Codes are limited.
  • This option is specially thought for those who:
  • Can't afford the product, but want to use it or give it as a gift for a friend.
Lives in another country and can't access to our payment system or have any other problem.


You can buy Promo Codes to get the product that you wish, using Bitcoins. The Promo Codes are limited. Follow this

With this we hope everyone can enjoy our products. Stay alert for news.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Maze Mania: Update v1.19

Full Description and Download


We have released a new update of our game for tablets, with a few tweaks. This time we intend to give a more intuitive, faster and easy use of the menu. We also wanted to improve the graphics just a little. And this way we are approaching the Beta stage of Maze Mania. Hurray!

Release Notes

UPDATE v1.19:

  • Getting ready to the Beta Stage, we've improved the feeling and ease of use of the game!
  • NEW!: Pause Menu
  • NEW!: Main Menu
  • NEW!: Custom Game
  • IMPROVEMENT: Graphics

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